Sunday, June 12, 2011

First Photoshoot

After being behind the chair at a salon for a little over a year, I knew that I had gained a lot of experience, but I wanted more.  I wasn't quite sure how to break into the fashion/photoshoot styling industry, so I just posted an advertisement on Craigslist.

I teamed up with the esthetician from our salon, Meghan Smith; and a photographer by the name of Mark Peterson from Ames, Iowa.  None of us had really done much beauty or fashion work before, so we set a goal of five models.  We wanted to do two looks on each model, and we booked the studio for five hours.

Of course, as life goes.. we learned that trying to get hair, makeup, and wardrobe styling worked out for ten different looks in five hours is impossible.  We did the best with what we had, and got some pretty cool shots out of it, and I knew I wanted to do more.

This is my niece-in-law Jayme.  About two hours before this picture was taken we had colored her hair fairly dark, and consequently stained a little bit of her skin around her hairline. :)  Luckily, it was only a semi-demi-permanent color, so it didn't stain for long.  This was also the first shoot that Jayme had done since her senior pictures.  I still need to get Jayme to Des Moines one of these weekends to get her another photoshoot.

This is Jessica.  She got a little bit more of a "crazy" style.. (if you want to call it that), than any of the other girls.  I did this look on Jessica because her hair was pretty much see-through white, which is very difficult to acheive without making your hair break off.  Her's, however, was very healthy and shiny. 

Here's a group shot of the models with their first looks:

 Of this set, I styled (from left) the third, fourth, and fifth model: Joanna, Jayme, and Jessica.

Here's set two:

Of this set I styled Jayme, Jessica, and helped style Joanna.

It was a great experience and helped me learn and understand what works and what doesn't work with photography and hair.  It helped me to learn how to shape the hair in an aesthetically pleasing way, and also how to look at the void of space, as well as what space is filled.

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