Sunday, June 12, 2011

Chronological Oops

So, I forgot to run through the second hairshow that I was involved in during cosmetology school.

This shoot took place a few months before I graduated.  I worked very closely with one of the educators, Jesse Bielenberg, to coordinate this show and put it all together.  The name of the show was "Tune In and Style Up", and each team of stylists was assigned a different genre of music to inspire their models' looks.

I headed up the team of models for the dance/techno music genre.  I chose Dance/Techno because I love the uptempo beats, and the bright colors.  I knew the models would be able to rock whatever looks we created for them when they are strutting their stuff to some upbeat and modern music.

For this show, the Techno group also teamed up with a body paint artist named Emily Svec.

Here's a look into how the day went:

This model, Raelynn, walked the runway with my pomeranian, Edward, who wanted in on the fun too!

Okay, so I kinda forgot to mention a little something.  Okay, so you guys have heard of America's Next Top Model, right?  Through another student of the school, Amanda and Michele Babin (twins who were on cycle 7 of the show)  agreed to fly in from California to be models for us!  It was very cool to meet them in person, and they were very nice.  We even got the local television stations coming up to advertise for free for us and featured the twosome in commercials for us!

In this last picture here, I am wearing boots with an inch heel, and the girls took their heels off and were barefoot.  It's crazy how tall and skinny they were, but what stood out most were their personalities.  Very kind, caring, and funny.  What a great day!

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