Thursday, May 10, 2012

California, and Jewelry Design

     In October, I travelled to beautiful Santa Monica, California.  My induction training was held at the Huntley Hotel, just two blocks off the beach, and near the well known Promenade outdoor shopping area.

     While there, I learned in-depth all about the core values of Pureology and how to effectively facilitate these values and concepts to others.  I was in a small group of nineteen individuals, from all over the country.  Even though we were only together for a short time, we became a family. 

     After completing the Induction Training, we were then given the task to return home, and create a video of ourselves presenting a class using the skills that we were taught.  A decision would then be made if we were what Pureology was looking for.

     While awaiting results from my video application, I started dabbling in jewelry design.  I created some pieces and started showing a few folks here and there.  I incorporated a piece into a photoshoot that we did with a really good friend, and fellow hairstylist, of mine.  ( But this time, she was the model!!)

Model: Aurilla G.
Makeup: Filigree Artistry
Photography/Retouch:  Fels Photo and Retouch

     How fun, right? We did this shoot right before Thanksgiving, 2011.  I had my follow-up phone call about my Pureology video audition from the education manager in NYC on December 13th.  During that phone call, we discussed my video and all the ins and outs that being a PureArtist would entail.  She then offered me the position!  Without hesitation, I agreed and as soon as I hung up the phone, I freaked out like a 13 year old girl at a Justin Bieber concert!

More news to come!

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